Calling all small breweries


Beer is now the world’s third most popular drink, after water and tea. The brewing industry has been experiencing a renaissance, and there are now upwards of 1,700 breweries across the UK, an increase of 8% in the past year. 

Researchers from Southampton Solent University would like to hear from brewers, pubs, and others in the beer industry to help with a study investigating opportunities for ensuring economic and environmental sustainability in the UK craft brewing industry.

For many small scale breweries their environmental credentials are important. 

A pilot study carried out by Dr Laurie Wright, an environmental scientist at Southampton Solent University, strongly suggests that there may be opportunities to improve economic and
environmental performance through brewery reconfiguration.

 “A small brewery has limited control over the production of their raw material, however they do control the destinations of wastes and brewery management where significant savings might be possible,” says Laurie.