Game Changer Move For City Eye


“We’ve never, ever had our own dedicated space for production and post-production – this move will be such a  game changer,” said Susan Beckett, Executive Director of City Eye, with a voice overflowing with emotion and excitement.

“We’ve worked hard for the past 15 years to make this project happen and now we will be moving into the heart of the Cultural Quarter.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming new people into our space,”

City Eye has been at the forefront of enabling everyone with an interest in film to get involved and use the medium to tell a story for 30 years. The organisation runs courses for people of all levels of experience providing training for novices and for those with varying levels of experience to up-skill. They also have a Film School for age seven and up and in Studio 144 will also be rolling this out for tech savvy five-year-olds, using kit that is manageable for small hands.

“The oldest person we have worked with was nearly 90. They retired 30 years earlier and approached us because they had always thought they should make a film.

“Age isn’t a barrier and we work hard to ensure that a person’s economic situation isn’t a barrier either,” she said.

The new home alongside the NST City and John Hansard Gallery will allow City Eye to develop the annual Southampton Film Week and Susan is looking forward to working with her new neighbours.

“What we can achieve together will be a real additional offer and quite unique.

“I really hope people will feel the new building is accessible and the opportunity is there for individuals and businesses to get involved,” she said.

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