Getting the Look


Attention to detail is at the heart of the success Robin Hutson has enjoyed with his hotels – and nothing is left to chance.

The day after our chat at Southampton’s Pig in the Wall, Robin and his wife Judy were due to inspect every object in every room to ensure it was still up to scratch.

“Every few months we will walk every inch of the hotels and see what needs replacing.

Together they scour junk shops and antiques fairs to find well-loved bits of furniture that have stood the test of time and every item is chosen with great care.

“We do all the interiors and it is a reflection of the style we like.

“We want to produce a look that feels like it has evolved over time – in your own home you have something your mum gave you and something else from the junk shop and a three piece suite you bought - and that’s what makes it a home.

“That’s what we have tried to do here,” said Robin, casting his well trained eye around the cosy interior.