Inland Homes' Chapel Riverside in for planning

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Brownfield regeneration specialist Inland Homes has submitted plans for the regeneration of the site of the former Southampton town depot, now known as Chapel Riverside.

The 8.9 acre prime site is located on the River Itchen, close to Ocean Village, and has an approximate GDV of £100m. Inland has submitted proposals for a comprehensive mixed-use riverside destination with about 400 residential properties, marine based employment space and improved public access to the waterfront via a riverside walkway.

Plans for the transformation of the site include 300m of river flood defences, the reconstruction of a new underground surface water storage tank for Southern Water and full archaeological investigations of the former Chapel of the Holy Trinity, dating from before 1217AD, as well as a mediaeval mill and Saxon burial ground on the site.

Inland was appointed as Development Partner for Southampton City Council in December last year after signing an exclusive agreement for the redevelopment of the site.

A public exhibition detailing the Chapel Riverside scheme was held in June and feedback was positive, with the majority of responses supporting the proposals. Visitors approved of the improved access to the waterfront, mix of heights and building types and the focus on bringing business to the area.

The settlings of both the Cross House and American Wharf near to Chapel Riverside will be improved as part of the proposed scheme, which also features a new square with cafes, restaurants and shops as well as spaces for retained and enhanced marine industry and activities.

The scheme includes a range of homes, from one bedroom to family properties, located in a walkable environment with easy access to leisure and employment on the river.

Mark Gilpin Planning Director at Inland Homes says; “The feedback we received from the public at our recent consultation was very encouraging. We are delighted to confirm that we are quickly moving forward with the scheme, despite its many technical challenges, and that it is now in for planning.”

Inland Homes’ Chief Executive Stephen Wicks says; “The speed with which the Inland team are progressing with the Chapel Riverside scheme just goes to show that as a company we don’t just talk, we act. We look forward to getting the regeneration through planning as speedily as possible so that this exciting new project can start coming out of the ground.”

Leader of Southampton City Council, Councillor Simon Letts said: “The development of brownfield sites such as the area where the council’s old town depot used to be, are key to continued economic growth in the city. Development of prime waterfront areas of land such as Chapel Riverside transform these sites into high-end residential sites.

“Combining waterfront public access with a residential zone and new areas of marine linked employment on the same plot all helps to build a sense of community in a newly created part of the city.”

Inland Homes is also developing Meridian Waterside, a scheme of 350 new homes located on the site of the old Meridian TV Studios next to the River Itchen in Southampton.

Both Chapel Riverside and Meridian Waterside have been designated ‘VIP’ sites in Southampton as part of the wider Itchen Riverside project. These sites and others are central to the regeneration objectives of Southampton.

Development of the Chapel Riverside site is anticipated to start in 2017 with completion expected in 2022.

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