Final plans submitted for Southampton's medieval walls revamp

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Final plans for a multimillion-pound scheme to redevelop an area in central Southampton have been submitted.

The developer, Tellon Capital, are set to build 519 new homes and a small shopping area.

Tellon Capital have made some changes to focus on the positive aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, "such as the fact more people are walking and cycling".

It said the final plans include secure cycle spaces and electric vehicle charging points, with garden areas to make a feature of the medieval walls.

Buildings along Queensway and East Street and the Bargate Shopping Centre have already been demolished ahead of work starting on the redevelopment.

 Southampton's town walls

• The oldest sections, Bargate and Eastgate, date from 1180 - alterations were made in about 1290

• They were extended following the devastating French raid of 1338. Edward III ordered that walls be built to "close the town", with the western walls completed in 1380

• The walls - including eight gates and 29 towers - stretched for one-and-a-quarter miles, with the Bargate as the entrance to the medieval town

• In the late 19th Century an idea to demolish the Bargate as an impediment to traffic was defeated following a public campaign. But in the 1930s the adjoining walls were removed to allow traffic to flow on either side

• Roughly half of the walls, 13 of the original towers and six gates are standing, making them some of the most complete medieval town walls in the country


Source: BBC News/ Southampton City Council