FSB: Business Without Barriers

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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a non-profit making, grassroots and non-party political business organisation that represents 160,000 members in every community across the UK. Set up in 1974, we are the authoritative voice on policy issues affecting the UK’s 5.5 million small businesses, micro businesses and the self-employed.

Business Without Barriers aims to support disabled people and those with health conditions in the workforce.

Julian John, FSB Disability, Health, and Wellbeing Policy Chair, says:

“Disabled entrepreneurs are an essential part of the UK economy, with disabled-owned small businesses accounting for 8.6 per cent of the turnover of all UK businesses.

“Disabled people in work are more likely to go into self-employment than non-disabled people in work. While sometimes this option is because of a lack of appropriate employment prospects, there are many disabled entrepreneurs who have chosen self-employment to fill a gap in the market, to disrupt a sector, or simply to have control over their own time.”


To read the key findings and for more information, visit Business Without Barriers | FSB, The Federation of Small Businesses