Siemens buys Southampton software firm

Siemens 1200 600

Siemens is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of a global industrial analytics software company headquartered in Southampton.

Senseye is a provider of outcome-oriented predictive maintenance services for manufacturing and industrial companies.

It also supports improvements in corporate sustainability through increased asset lifetime and waste reduction.

Senseye is now a 100 per cent subsidiary of Siemens Holdings Plc in the UK, with the company assigned organisationally to Siemens Digital Industries and part of the Customer Services Business Unit.

Brian Holliday, managing director of Siemens Digital Industries UK and Ireland, said: "The acquisition of Senseye seriously bolsters our digital technology and service offer to industry.

"Downtime is business-critical and, in a world where data is increasingly intrinsic to success, leading companies are now benefitting from AI-driven insights to improve plant and system availability."

Simon Kampa, chief executive of Senseye, added: "Together, we can multiply the full potential of Senseye's innovative predictive technology and deep expertise."


Source: Insider Media Limited