EG Cities Live: Southampton

EGLive 1200600

Freeports: How Southampton is positioned to take its logistics sector to the next level

Podcast Monday, 1 September 10am

In a bid to encourage economic growth and level up regions across the UK, the government has committed to establishing at least eight freeports. Southampton is one of those regions that stands to attract investment, with the promise of more than 32,000 new jobs in the Solent area. As well as job creation, customs relief and infrastructure investment, the Solent Freeport will make Southampton a hotbed of innovation in maritime, autonomy and green growth. 

In this EG Cities Live podcast, we will discuss how the UK can ensure the benefits of freeports are not just felt by the logistics sector, but a whole range of businesses. We will explore how the public and private sector can work together to ensure freeports meaningfully increase UK trade opportunities, and how Southampton can make the most of this opportunity.

The podcast will be available on 1 September